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Welcome, we want to introduce you to the world’s best automatic litter box for cats, the Litter-Robot.

The Litter-Robot is a self-cleaning litter box that really works: The Litter-Robot frees you from the tedious and unpleasant task of cleaning and refilling your cats litter box.

Cats love a clean litter box. The Litter-Robot patented litter sifting process is near perfect in removing waste clumps from the litter, leaving a clean litter bed for your cats after every usage. And not only cats love a clean litter box…

In our shop you can buy the selfcleaning litter box and have it sent to any place in Europe.

If you are familiar with the Litter-robot, and you are ready to make your purchase, just click on our Litter-Robot configurator to choose the color and model of Litter-Robot you wish to buy. There are also some unique accessories you may want to consider.

If you would like more information about how the Litter Robot works, its cost saving advantages, and different models and options you will find that information on our site. If you have further questions please contact us directly.

Litter boxes with European power supply
Litter-Robot II (Colour: bone; Powerplug: Euro)

litter box – that cleans itsself – everyday – without complaining…

Litter-Robot II (Colour: black; Powerplug: Euro)

selfcleaning litter box – you will never have to scoop a litter box again

Litter-Robot II (Colour: grey; Powerplug: Euro)

automatic litter box – no scoop the poop

Litter-Robot Bubble (Colour: bone; Powerplug: Euro)

cat litter pan – that does the cleaning job by itself

Litter-Robot Bubble (Colour: black; Powerplug: Euro)

litter box – fully automized for your home

Litter-Robot Bubble (Colour: grey; Powerplug: Euro)

litter box – reduces the smell as it is always clean

Litter box – not only a favor to the cat, but also to the mom


the story how the self-cleaning litter box got to Europe

Once upon a time there was working mother of two sweet, little children. The kids wanted nothing more than a cute kitten, after they’ve already had bunnies and guinea pigs. There had been many discussions until the kids promised that they would take care of the cat and that they would also take the responsibility for the daily task of cleaning the litter box, the family got the long wanted cute kitten.

At the next pet shop they also bought a litter box for their little cat, which was called Clara. Clara was loved by all especially because of her purring – but there was a problem – the kids didn’t really like cleaning the litter box. They didn’t clean the litter box regularly and that cheesed off the mom. Cleaning the litter box wasn’t her passion and soon the mom was tired of the arguments they had about cleaning the litter box every day.

So there had to be found a solution to the litter box issue. Since the mom was a mechanical engineer, it was obvious, that the solution of the litter box discussions was to automate the annoying task of cleaning the litter box.

Therefore, the mom went off in search of a self-cleaning litter box. But she couldn`t find anything suitable in Germany. So she went on looking for a litter box in America – the world wide web made it possible.

Lo and behold, in America there actually were self-cleaning litter boxes available.

First she found a machine, which raked the litter. She as engineer wasn’t really happy, because sand could get into the gear drive and that didn’t seem to be a sustainable solution.

After that she saw an automatic litter box, which actually cleaned the litter with water. For this a water connection would be necessary – way too complicated. Moreover, for the cat Clara it was no pleasure to come into any contact with water or evenmore with cleansing agents. So this self-cleaning litter box as a solution had to be dismissed, too.

The mother already wanted to give up desperately, but then she found the ultimate solution.

The Litter-Robot – a self-cleaning litter box, that really works.

The disadvantages of the other litter boxes were solved perfectly with the Litter-Robot. The motor for the rotation of the automatic litter box doesn’t come into contact with the litter. Basically, it works like a concrete mixer and they even work under hardest conditions. An expensive installation of a water connection isn’t necessary – it just needs a socket to work. And the best thing was: the lumpy, normal litter, to which the cute little cat Clara was already used to, could be used with this litter box, too.

That made the mother’s heart flutter – as an engineer and cat lover – she had found the perfect solution for her litter box issue.

Very delighted about the discovery and motivated to get the new litter box the mom called Automated Pet Care in the USA. They told her, that unfortunately they could only deliver the automatic litter box within the USA and not to Europe, so she was sad about that.

But there was nothing that could stop the mom to get one of these automatic litter boxes. With the help of American friends she bought the Litter-Robot. The Litter-Robot was delivered in America first and then thanks to the friends sent to Germany.

The family was very happy and the quality of the Litter-Robot pretty convincing. Cat loving friends, that visited, also wanted such a litter box. And suddenly the mom came up with the idea to import the litter box to Germany herself, so she realized this idea in the year 2007.

And they all live happily ever after. This is the true story how the self-cleaning litter box came to Europe. Since then the Litter-Robot got many European fans. Again and again we receive nice mails of happy cat lovers, which are also very happy that the Litter-Robot made the long travel to their homes.

I’d love to hear about your litter box-story…

With kindest regards,
Cornelia Will
Mother, engineer and cat lover

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